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Phone Consultation

If you would like to learn more about any of our services, would like to discuss the specific details of a complex situation you require assistance with, or you are interested in developing a custom plan, we offer a 20 minute consultation for a nominal fee.

Phytotherapy Consultation

Botanical remedies have supported the wellness of the human body for thousands of years.  We use the principles of Ayurveda to target the specific nutritional needs of our clients.  The results of a Phytotherapy Consultation provides us with the information we require to create personal dietary and herbal compounding recommendations geared to promote optimal health, happiness, and longevity specifically designed for each client.

Spa Ingredients

Forsyth Crystal Light Table© Session

The power of combined crystal therapy, magnetic therapy, sound therapy, angel therapy, and chromotherapy

The Forsyth Crystal Light Table© is a unique energy tool, invented by Russell Forsyth, that combines crystal, magnetic, sound, and chromo therapies in conjunction with Angelic guidance to bring balance and harmony to the human body.  Once on the table, magnetic therapy, sound therapy, chromatherapy, crystal therapy and an Angelic gateway form a unique Reiki crystal grid that surrounds the entire body with elevated vibrations. This allows for the removal and the clearing of blockages from the body's energy channels, called chakras, which may be clogged by stress, negative emotions, or trauma on all levels.  When these energy centers are able to flow freely, the innate ability of the human body to heal itself is engaged thus bringing about a greater sense of well-being and health.

Rife Frequency Therapy

Dr. Raymond Royal Rife was a researcher in the early 20th century who discovered the resonate frequencies of pathogens and viruses.  Through his research he was able to identify the precise frequency required to destroy the cell wall of the organisms that cause disease.  Through the use of cutting edge technology, we are proud to offer Rife Quantum Frequency Therapy to our clients.

Crystal Ball
Dogs in Sweaters

Pet Therapy

Companion animals add more to our lives than we could ever describe.  We offer a variety of energy therapies to assist the animal loved ones in your life with pain mitigation, surgical support, healing and transitional assistance. 


Spiritual Life Coaching

There are times in life when we all encounter a crossroads and may find it difficult to make a confident choice on which way to go.  During these times, a loving and objective coaching session can bring immense clarity and comfort.  We are dedicated to supporting the joyful and authentic expression of the soul within each of our clients by assisting them in tuning into their own spiritual guidance systems. Divine Path Coaching sessions are engaged with the highest degree of honesty and Truth possible to fully support the highest and best outcome for our clients.

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