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Romantic Sunset

Remote Table Session; Psychic Surgery; Spiritual Life Coaching

Working with Michelle has been such a blessing.  She's facilitated two remote table sessions/psychic surgeries for me (with about a year and a half between them) and my life has changed dramatically  for the best.  As  a result of her work.  I went from feeling that everybody was against me, physically  in pain with multiple injuries and hopelessness with a diminished will to live, to feeling empowered, happy, with less physical pain. 

During our spiritual life coaching sessions, we spoke woman to woman, during a very difficult surgery recovery, and Michelle gave me hope that included her visions of my perfect partner entering my life.  A year and a half later, I met him and her description matched him to a T. 

This past summer, he and I both went for in-person  table sessions with Michelle and we felt clearer, lighter, more aligned with our Divine purposes, and closer in our Union.   I look forward to what Michelle's energy work draws out and brings in for me  to align with my Highest & Best Good this joyful 2021 New Year!

Tish G


Remote Table Session; Psychic Surgery; Spiritual Life Coaching

Because of my remote table session/psychic surgery with Michelle, I was able to connect with an ancestor and she removed an interdimensional being from my aura that  was unintentionally disrupting my energy flow in the physical and non-physical worlds.  Michelle also removed stagnant energy in my lower back that was causing me pain and limited motion.  Now I am feeling more energized and powerful in my everyday life!  I have even been going to a kickboxing gym with my son and it feels so good to do something I enjoy again!  If you are wanting to be more connected and grounded in your life, please give Michelle a call today.  You won't be disappointed!!!

Jenelle Y

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